Using obsolete applications or templates and plug-ins for them, or using simple passwords is always dangerous for your Internet sites since these things make it considerably easier hack them. Things get worse in case you have a lot of websites because all of them will be vulnerable when an attacker takes over just one of them. Because of this we've created JailHost - an advanced level security feature that isolates websites from each other. In case an Internet site gets compromised, its attacker will not be able to find or access any other content outside the site folder, so all the rest of the websites part of this account will be protected and will remain intact. Using the JailHost option cannot replace doing regular script updates or using complex passwords, but it will minimize any damage to your Internet sites significantly, so you'll need to fix only one Internet site rather than all of them.

JailHost in Website Hosting

We’ve included JailHost for all website hosting packages, so you will be able to protect each of your websites with only a few clicks in your Hepsia Control Panel. The feature is not active by default so as to prevent disturbing any sites where you may need visitors or admins to be able to access content from other folders in your account, but activating it for all the other sites is really easy. Unlike other Control Panels where the majority of domains have their files in the exact same main folder, all domains and subdomains in Hepsia have their own folders, making the management and the protection of many different sites easier. In the unfortunate scenario of a site getting hacked, the rest of your Internet sites will be shielded and we'll have multiple daily backups for the damaged one, so we'll be able to bring it back to its initial state within a few minutes.

JailHost in Semi-dedicated Hosting

JailHost is available with all of our semi-dedicated hosting solutions, so in case you host a couple of Internet sites, you can separate them from one another to keep them safe. This option has to be activated for each Internet site and is not turned on by default, in order to avoid interference with scripts which require access to multiple folders inside the account. Activating it for all other domains will take no more than a few clicks in the Hepsia web hosting Control Panel. Unlike other Control Panels, Hepsia doesn't place several websites under the main domain folder. Instead, every single domain or subdomain has its very own folder, which makes it simpler to manage and secure all of your websites. In case that a website within your account gets hacked, not only will your other websites remain untouched, but we can also restore the affected site very quickly since we will have multiple backups of your entire content.